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    AOne Official Thread

  2. second650

    DB Tha General Thread

    these niggas is cool wit each other just trying to get a buzz goin. kendrick type shit callin out names n shit
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    Games Youve Beaten Thread

    NOw recently I beat Heavy Rain and I was impressed with the game overall and its cool that there are different endings. I beat Uncharted 1 which was dope I didnt put it away till I finished it pretty much. Oblivion I finished the main campaign and the fighters guild champion right chea. I...
  4. second650

    Rich The Factor Working on a deal with UNIVERSAL/ROC NATION!!!!

    thought jay never heard of Rich hahahahaha
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    Rip George Rios

    Found out My homeboy George Rios has been dead for 2 years. His body was found in the desert recently. RIP GEORGE RIOS & ALEJANDRO RIOS. Condolences go out to his family. I cant imagine what i'd do if my kids were gone before me. These 2 guys were as solid as they come. Alejandro was murdered...
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    DB Tha General Thread

    big cheeze on the dumb ass slap
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    stalin young doe

    anyone feelin this diesel therapy shit? no one takin bout it....
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    Niggaz from the siccness dont like that nigga sacsick....

    im just lettin yall know what i heard:siccness:
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    New Dayton Family "Prostitute Killer"

    how many times has this been sampled?! dayton fam one of my favorites but come on....
  10. second650

    Rich the Factor: "How You Doing" (Wendy Williams)

    this shit slap. first time ive heard it. good lookin out. i aint feelin the singin but the beat is on point....
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    i cant read green text. devils rejects!
  12. second650


    devils rejects 2
  13. second650

    Why is Waka flocka flame

    accepted by the bloods? How did he get a pass?
  14. second650

    your fav Depeche Mode Song?

    im feelin that new song they got. enjoy the silence is the shit tho....