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    PS3 Gamertags

    Anyone playing the new COD game? I used to go by my username, now it’s Chief_one415 forgot my og login and password. Haven’t played since World at War.
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    Mac Dre and Lil Jon

    is there even any unreleased verses that the Estate has? I’d assume they would have allowed Jon a new verse.
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    Amazon FireTVStick

    I bought one for this, but this shit needs to be constantly updated or else it becomes useless. Mines currently collecting dust, but I should update it
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    Music Videos?

    What's up Siccness fam. Anyone need any music videos? I was on here back in 2011, and I made a post inquiring about free music videos as we dabbled in that area of video production. We started under the moniker "Chasing Our Dream Productions". Fast forward years later and a few music videos...
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    One of my favorite songs, and has been on repeat since last year (hasn't gotten old). KVl_1bJ79uw zht9zsZ23Ro pBxs6ITzpCI 8lrmr2pi1z8
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    Favorite chicano/puerto rican/dominican/mexican/etc. rappers?

    Bodega Bamz got spits. WPZxTlFXawA
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    Big Krit Official Thread

    I recently saw him at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz and I was shocked. There was a really small audience. I expected for KRIT to have a good show out. KRIT up on a show regardless, and I'm glad to have heard "The Vent" live. I need to peep Cadillactica.
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    MMA News Thread

    I'll be at the San Jo one on the 14th. The card looks nice, and the main event is going to be a fight. @RM211 I just read that Dana stated Gus is next. I fuck with Jones and I hope he fights both regardless of the outcome. These two fights are going to be intense.
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    The New Picture Thread

    @mike mason, Can I get a link to the article or source to those pictures?
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    Rip hugo chavez!!!

    My latin american comparative politics teacher showed us this documentary. Entertaining to watch, Chavez was areal one! directed by Oliver Stone 6vBlV5TUI64
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    night shot question + exposure/ lighting

    how i can i get a shot like this? is it long exposure, lighting?.... i need some tips and i also need to get back into attempting to do photography! I have a canon...
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    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Hella random, just seen this in my notifications. Sorry im late, but thanks bro.
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    Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

    Song at 2:00???? edit: NVM Soundhound came through and found the song :)
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    Land Rover Curiosity (Lands on mars tonight) Live Ustream of NASA JPL station in Pasadena Not going to lie, im pretty excited to find out if it lands or not!
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    Tom waits may have inspired Heath Ledgers "Joker"

    FOOTAGE AT 1:35