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    What about the Bay Loc album ?

    What's up with the Bay Loc album - Jail bird? I thought it was supposed to come out in february but I haven't heard anything about that album for a long time. Will it be released this year ?
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    Record stores in Sacramento ?

    I'll be in Sac in may and I'd be cool if sum of the people on this board who live in Sacramento could give me sum addresses of sum of your local record stores ? Cause last year when I was there didn't find any good stores. I appreciate every reply that I get.
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    Rich tha Factor website

    I'll check out the link
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    Gang Bangin Poetry ?

    I've been looking for that Gbp album for a long time but I still couldn't get it anywhere so can sumone tell me where I can get it ? Is it still available in sum music stores in Sac or Cali in general ?
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    When'll the Mobstaz album be released ?

    Hey Lil C.s. do you already know when you'll release that Mobstaz album - all part of the game ?
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    Where can I get Balance mixtapes ?

    I heard Balance got a couple of mixtapes out. where can I order them ? and will he put out an album soon ?
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    Who else got the Still I got 5 on it dvd ?

    Does anyone got the still I got 5 dvd about the luniz ?
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    What's the difference ?

    Is there anything different about the whore cd from playboy 7 with the explicit cover ? I mean are there sum bonus tracks on it or is it the same cd as the one with the clean cover ?
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    What about the new Spice 1 album ?

    Does anyone know when the new Spice 1 cd called the ridah will come out ?
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    Top 5 of the Midwest???

    Bootleg - Death before dishonesty Twista - Adrenaline rush Tech N9ne - Absolute power or Anghellic Dayton Family - FBI Eminem - Slim shady Lp
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    Kamikaze tracvklisting?

    damn I wanna hear that album right now but on it says it'll be out on january 27th
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    Soulja Slimm Murdered in Magnolia projects in New Orleans

    was the interview in the latest issue of the murder dog ?
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    Who's The Best Bone Thugs Member?

    Bizzy Bone
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    Can sumone tell me the names of all P.C.O. members ?

    Can sumbody help me out ? The group P.C.O. consists of 4 rappers but what're their names ?
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    What're your favorite tracks from the mobbfather disc ?

    My favorite tracks are : If u don't know about me So fresh Goin hard what about you other folks ? what songs do you like the best ?