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    Myspace Customizing (Help needed)

    Anyone know where to get the code for SELF BANNER HEADERS for myspace music pages... if anyone has the time, please drop me some info. Much appreciated. I know lady tragik has a lil graphic banner on the top of her page, for an example off the top of my head...
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    Been watching alot of discovery channel, Aliens - Roswell

    Ive been watching alot of discovery channel, and the latest special was on Roswell... How many of yall believe the government is hiding aliens or crap of aliens in area 51? I believe in aliens... and i also think its a possibility the government is hiding something from us, just like they...
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    Im trying to get into this more... I know its all around us. I know someone posted a video on it a long time ago, but i failed to save the link. Any help or information about symbolism is very much appreciated. :siccness:
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    Dream Translations... o.0

    I was told if any of your teeth fall out in your dreams to quickly put them back in, or else someone you know will die... Ive had dreams like this where my teeth came out and i put them back in... but that could just be because of the person who told me put that into my head and now I dream...
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    Setting your fonts back to defualt

    Does anyone know how to set your fonts back to the way it was when you first got your computer.... I downloaded that big ass package of fonts and i dont like that i have to search through a bigass list of fonts that suck... can anyone help me out? Does anyone got a zip of defualt fonts? any...
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    does anyone know how to get free internet through psp? That way i can browse online to websites and shit? Id apreciate any help, maybe yall know a link or something. Thanks!
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    Just a little personal project. The theme is suppose to be dreamy, dark, and surreal. RProject of KTP - Killa Town Productions Producer & Graphic Designer E-Mail: [email protected] Myspace: KTP FAMILY - DREAM IS DESTINY IF YOUR INTERESTED...
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    This might be a hard question for yall...

    Okay, i dont know how to explain this but ill try. Does anyone know how to drag certain parts of vocals on FL? or scratch in words? let think of an example, three 6 mafia - i gotta stay fly i i i ii ii i ii ii get me? and for the scratching... hmm.. who listens to mr. sche? i like...
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    I need help finding articles that are 'for' and 'against' these topics! I know yall read alot of articles and journals about stuff like this... so what im asking is if can help me find them. (Each one needs two articles, for it and against it) Yall Get me? Can someone help me out or tell me...
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    First Drawing Project

    They told me to just draw them like the picture but cartoonish. So i did. I know i didnt fill in the eyebawls... thats my style. Let me know what yall think... :paranoid: ^ My Drawing... ^ Their Photo...
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    Did this for local houston rapper, KB. Let me know what yall think. My Contacts: Y! IM: rproject211 AOL IM: KillaprojectKTP MSN IM: [email protected] Graphic Prices: CD COVER: $50 CD COVER, CD LABEL, AND BACK TRAYCARD: $,150 CD COVER, CD LABEL, AND BACK TRAYCARD 4-Panel: $,250 CD...
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    I was discussin this with a primo of mine, and we just wanted to know where did aids come from? I heard it was secret-governmental man made disease, to extinct the fags and black people. Is this right or what?
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    I need help buying a good drum machine.

    Whats a good drum machine that i can use for rap tunes. MPC's are way out of my price range... Anyone know some good cheap, drum machines with 808 on it?
  14. kingsvillektp

    Finding your own destiny in the old testiment.

    I was reading this a long time ago on the internet, i dont know where it is because i remember it was shared on the forums. But supposely you could find your whole life written out in the old testiment through some coding somehow. It would say shit like who you would meet, love, time, day, when...
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    Is it true in the bible...

    Is it true that the bible skips through Jesus's teen years? I was pondering about this earlier and i figured i know why if they did skip his teen years. Because he was a sinner, doing sinister stuff. Until he got older and wized up and started preachin'. Do yall get me? Now dont dog me...