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    The reason why the color pink became thugged out? The Frog of War When biologist Tyrone Hayes discovered that a top-selling herbicide messes with sex hormones, its manufacturer went into battle mode. Thus began one of the weirdest feuds in the...
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    Syria using tanks on it's own citizens.

    Pretty fucked up. The Arab summer is not quite as effective as Arab Spring, and a whole lot less people give a shit too it seems.
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    Dan Rather on HDnet, anyone watch any of his reports? I just watched his special on Detroit public schools. Wow, the epitome of corruption, negligence, indifference and ineptitude on EVERY level. I've peeped his other specials too. I'm a fan of his journalism. Anyone else seen or watch...
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    For first time, Ohio executes inmate with drug used on animals By Rob Stein The Washington Post Ohio executed an inmate Thursday with one drug, previously used primarily to euthanize animals, marking the first time anyone in the United States had been put to death in that manner...
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    Whats the first song/rap you ever memorized?

    Either Beastie Boyz - Paul Revere or Run DMC - My Addidas
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    Stare at boobs for longer life: Study

    LMAO, had to post... Frankfurt, Germany, December 6 -- A rather bizarre study carried out by German researchers suggests that staring at women's breasts is good for men's health and increases their life...
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    Despite grief, he opposes death penalty Mass. father's son was brutally slain

    Despite grief, he opposes death penalty Mass. father's son was brutally slain By RAY DUCKLER Monitor columnist March 13, 2010 Bob Curley wasn't always against the death penalty. But he is now. It doesn't matter that his 10-year-old son, Jeffrey, was killed, then sexually abused, 13 years...
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    Oath Keepers

    Has anyone heard of these nuts? These guys are truly scary, I'll take our current government over these wingnut militia's any day. I'll post an article later, but has anyone here heard of them thus far?
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    Bart Kofoed & Marty Conlon, or Steve Scheffler

    who was more entertaining to watch?
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    Threads with nothing more than a Youtube link

    Personally, I'm a bit tired of all these threads with nothing more than a title, then a Youtube link. It's polluting the board. A majority of them have 12 views with 1-2 responses, and it clutters the threads that have actual dialogue, discussion, debate. Can we make a move to consolidate all...
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    Massive Monkee's Do it Big!

    Big ups, and good luck tonight!
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    Best Buy a sponsor of the siccness?

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    Der Strumer Just thought I'd make a post for all the anti-Israel/Jew Hating/ against Zionism posts that have been popping up on this board. As if it is the only topic in the world to discuss.
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    Tech n9ne-anyone go last night, anyone goin' tomorrow?

    I'mma be there.