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    Disappointed At Tech Show...

    I arrived right at 7 PM when the doors opened at Mcdonald Theatre in Eugene, Oregon on Saturday night the 11th. I watched all of the acts preform ranging from Prozak to SS and when it was time for Tech to come out everyone was on edge like usual. So he comes out and puts on yet another fantastic...
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    Kottonmouth Kings- Problem Addict (f/ Tech N9ne)*RARE*
  3. J

    Tech N9ne- Sacrifice (feat. Kottonmouth Kings) Dope Song
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    J Win Ft. Tech N9ne Kutt Kalhoun And Krizz Kaliko - Look At Me

    J Win Ft. Tech N9ne Kutt Calhoun And Krizz Kaliko - Look At Me This is the guys myspace... I found this song " Look At Me " on iTunes and the cd is called J Win Presents Park Boyz 1. Intro 2...
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    I Was Curious To Know...

    If you think Tech N9ne is a millioniare or not? I've been thinking about it for a while now and wondering what people thought. Everytime I hear Kutt's line in Biancas and Beatrice's: (talking about himself) Be Rappin With Tech, Heard he just signed a big deal, and estimated five or six...
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    Favorite Zeppelin song?

    I was stating my two favorites and two classic rock songs and out of my two favorites one of them was "stairway to heaven" my favorite Zeppelin song.. Guess what the other one was Jake
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    Block Life record release at 7th Heaven

    looks like shit was poppin and food was banging too
  8. J

    please pray for my dude Kaijowaan...

    i also hope the mother fucker that did that get's his too. And soon real talk.
  9. J

    Tech n9ne and DJ Quik

    second that thought too. they would mesh well and that would be an interesting collabo
  10. J

    Favorite Zeppelin song?

    Stairway to heaven and free bird are two of the best classic rock songs ever recorded, so of course by favorite is stairway. CLASSIC
  11. J

    please pray for my dude Kaijowaan...

    You have my sympathy. I'm sorry but stay up. Praying for sure
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    favorite sigur ros album???

    i totally agree with you, great question. () was excellent. everything they put out is purely beautiful and truely art.