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    Should I be worried about

    If you value your privacy, IMO...... In case you haven’t heard about the website already, Spokeo is a new information gathering web service that allows users to search for the personal information of strangers, friends, co-workers, etc. From this description, it doesn’t sound like...
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    Solar Roadways: The Prototype

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    DREAM Act

    The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (also called "The DREAM Act") is a bill that has been introduced several times in the United States Congress that would provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrant students. The DREAM Act would also repeal Section 505 of the...
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    Open It Up - NE7

    Can someone please post this song that was missing on NE7? I purchased the album before the correction was made and I still haven't heard this track. Much appreciated!
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    Rapping Soldiers
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    NE4 Track & Artist List; PLEASE!?!?!

    Can somebody please post the track and coresponding artist list for Northern Exposure 4? I lost the album artwork. Thanks in advance!
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    Has anyone had experience with dog aggression in their pit? My pit was really well socialized as a puppy and got along fine with other dogs. When he was just over a year old my brothers pit started a fight with him while they were playing. Since then he has a distrust for other dogs. He will not...
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    Body Found Hanging In Folsom Park

    VIDEO NEWS REPOT FOLSOM, Calif. -- The body of a teenage boy was found hanging from a tree in a Folsom park on Tuesday morning, but police said foul play did not appear to be involved. Authorities said the discovery was made by a passerby at about...
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    Unconditional Thug?

    What happened with the release date, independents are telling me Janurary now?