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  1. da HYPHY pinoy

    any seattle people in here?

    about to go there again this weekend. ive already seen all the obvious stuff over there (space needle, city tour etc.) but i wanna know what other fun things they have to offer.
  2. da HYPHY pinoy

    question about itunes

    is it possible for other people's playlists to show up on your own itunes? i thought that my computer was being hacked at first
  3. da HYPHY pinoy

    what movies have the best background music/theme songs?

    star wars, pirates of the caribbean and the lord of the rings each have great music. what other movies have good music as well as theme songs?
  4. da HYPHY pinoy

    free antivirus programs

    what are some good ones without limitations? starting to get all these popups and i didnt even download anything
  5. da HYPHY pinoy

    shit i need help on research paper!!!

    any history nerds in here??? im writing an essay based on the change in social structure in russia and i have no fucking idea on what to write. im guessing on writing on how they shifted from a communist government to a capitalist and how people started to make money. please help!!!!
  6. da HYPHY pinoy

    what do u guys think of traxamillion's new song? im feelin it, the beat sounds different for a change and he's rapping this time.
  7. da HYPHY pinoy

    how do u cure a lazy eye?

    my eyelids have been uneven for a while now. do i need more sleep or is there another way to get rid of it?
  8. da HYPHY pinoy

    since no more ghost ride it, what should be fab's single?

    i would love it if they brought back new oakland or kicked out the club, but if he was to push a more recent song i'd go with go damn dumb
  9. da HYPHY pinoy

    anyone heard of this song? (video inside) im feeling it. never heard of the roasta though
  10. da HYPHY pinoy

    question about jacka's barney music video

    whats the name of the song at the end? heres the link
  11. da HYPHY pinoy

    hyphy juice sales =12 million?

    can someone confirm this shit. was reading clyde carson bio on and it said that hyphy juice sold for more than 12 million dollars last year. heres the link, "In 2006, the Team dropped “World Premiere”, which included the...
  12. da HYPHY pinoy

    amyone else having problems downloading off myspace?

    cant download the songs off the artists page even though download is available. every time i click download, it just plays on my computer's media player. is there something i need to change on my settings?
  13. da HYPHY pinoy

    lol @ FAB falling off the yellow bus

    found the unedited version. has more crazy ghost riding and at around 2 minutes left u can see FAB fall down hella hard lol
  14. da HYPHY pinoy

    Ya Boy best rapper in the bay right now?

    he just put out one of the best mixtapes ive ever heard and he is one of the few rappers from the bay that i can take seriously. he is young but he has the best voice and flow in my opinion and will do it big with a major deal.
  15. da HYPHY pinoy

    who saw will smith's new movie?

    i thought that he did a fantastic job. great story too