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    100s aka KossiKo Thread

    i keep his stuff as 100s on repeat. i'm going to have to at least check out this new stuff
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    Young Jeezy arrested in investigation behind death of Full Pull Ceo

    Mountain View: Rapper Young Jeezy arrested on gun violations during probe into Shoreline Amphitheatre killing - San Jose Mercury News MOUNTAIN VIEW -- Grammy-nominated and top-selling rapper Young Jeezy was one of six people arrested Sunday in Irvine on suspicion of having illegal guns during...
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    prime zero is where it's at. razor do good work but he shaky as fuck on the business end. like damn near dope fiend shaky. razor owe 2 people i know and another hired him and the day of the shoot some random dude showed up with a camera and said razor said come down here and hoot some b-roll...
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    New dramatic series about turfs and organized crime in the bay area

    the dirty, spice 1 will be in it and will be shown on kofy tv 20 in the bay area and channel 98 in stockton this sunday night. it's like the wire for the bay area [YOUTUBE][YOUTUBE]
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    gossip blog throwing heavy shots at rick lee and network

    they saying someone tried to hit rick lee over payola and they throwing the boy network under the busDJ Rick Lee Named in Alleged Payola Racket @ San Francisco's 106 KMEL! Shocking details surrounding a northern Cali freeway shooting are emerging, revealing the incident to have been a possible...
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    Rapper AP9 Is Soft As A Tissue

    huss qualified for the safety valve as he and his codefendent 1. accepted responsibility for the drugs. 'they was ours, no no one planted them and we not pleading innocent' 2. no guns were involved 3. were not considered the leaders of a conspiracy 4. had no prior drug convictions 5. stated me...
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    son of bay rap legend being slandered in the news seagram jr, they had him at first like he was a baby kidnapper, now they corrected it but that put some bad dirt on his name
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    Vallejo folks got a question for you

    titled the thread like this to not start no rumor. people in the east are saying D-shot son got murdered. is this another lame ass rumor?
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    Female answer to Loverance, some bad ones fire back
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    Ms. Domonique J Female from the town trying to get some feedback i know y'all wont hold back, but if you feeling it let me know and if you see where there could be some improvements let me know and i will pass it on
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    Real Richmond movement starting to pick up some steam

    v8yHXGuz4_U lot of new talent coming out of richmond
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    bay artist have really stepped up they videos

    alot of the newer bay artist have really stepped up the video game. 3NY5k-EKt1g alialto. he also does his own videos
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    New artist out the rich

    PMrxe1iBZ8g Re'alistic out the rich city
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    new artist out of the sco with video

    xfQ5HoM43ds young loota, it's a two part video. both parts are good. directed by ram from hitm. young loota repping the SFC
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    new bay video looking for feedback some new dudes trying to introduce theyselves to the rest of the bay. one from the town and one from the rich.