Female answer to Loverance, some bad ones fire back

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May 4, 2002
why isnt mr kix box on his face banned again? dude posted videos of himself with a fuckin cereal box on his face and to top it off he was trying to act like a knock off joker from batman.

RIP WIC cereal. this dude brought it back to the old school days. i really hope u dont do that gay ass shit anymore
Feb 16, 2006
That's Hott! A welcome change from dikey lookins ass v-nasty and Kreashawn callin themselves reppin the town.I fuks wit it
real spit, females got to understand that you can still be sexy and get down. no one wants to see semi-dudes or somebody built like a boy talking crazy. there's a reason why trina, kim and nicki is the biggest female emcees ever. they look like women!