Ms. Domonique J Female from the town trying to get some feedback

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Feb 16, 2006
i know y'all wont hold back, but if you feeling it let me know and if you see where there could be some improvements let me know and i will pass it on
Oct 25, 2007
her style and music is pretty dated. compared to what's out there it feels unpolished.

it's alright for some local shit, but usually that's not what people are going for when they make a video like this. they wanna stack up against the majors.
Aug 9, 2005
what audience wanna bump this, men will wanna smash...but beats no head bobbin nothin men wanna bump? if she gonna be a sex symbol go all out be that...but id she trying to do more than blow she need better beat, hook, and livlyness and uniqueness.. she cute and all but so are all these beezys...wispering how sexy she is ect is nothing to emulate except to broke chicken heads who wont spend.. revamp if she down to work there is nothing catchy about this except lil looks
Dec 3, 2009
Let's be real.. she better than Krayshawn.. and LIl B.. and v nasty

if they and soulja boy..
can get money off music.. then ANYONE can..
cause they wack as fuck..

this song is OK.. but i actually enjoy unlike the shit by the artists i listed above...

she is actually light years ahead of LIL B... and Soulja Boy..
and she has a good voice.. i can actually listen to and watch this...

I say for her to keep doing music...
she's really hot also...

WAY finer.. than these ugly skinny hos...
so yeah... she ready to blow up..
honestly .. like I said if those clowns can do it..
she can for sure...

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