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Superfly Snuka

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  • Bruh we clownin everybody get it on here calm down I don't even remember this old ass shit that thread was funny tho n nah I don't buy that shit bootsy
    yall chill out. ill vouch for superfly snuka the nigga solid, he w the shit and touch bread. i been fuckin with him for years hes put racks in my pocket. about that CBC shit, the nigga felt if he spent hella gwalla with them they shoulda been able to send him the right color shirt. dude catted on sending him the right shirt so he refused to support the shit cuz cell aint keep it real business wise. end of story.

    even tho sometimes we butt heads thats my nig and hes looked out for me numerous times. does some shit some of the squares on siccness only dream of doing. he 100 even tho sometimes he an irritable and military-serious ass nigga lol we good. you heard it from gas.

    dunno why the cbc shit got deleted so i cant say nada bout that.
    hey what the fuck u fuck ass! Why'd you delete the cellski thread? You just mad that u got exposed like a hot nurse.
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