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    Regarding Cougnut, IMP, UDI.. New Albums ?

    Havent seen anything posted in awhile regarding the Cougnut album release, or the new IMP album release. Remembering earlier this year that these were finally going to be released but haven't heard anything at all since then. Anyone with some knowledge on what's happening? I know Baldhead is up...
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    Im betting on sports everyday..

    So I am going to give one lock of the day and bet 100 $ on it everyday. Today I had the Bulls -4. Anyone who bets drop who they like for the day in this post.
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    Gift for Your woman for Christmas??

    I recently got a new Lady and Im having trouble finding what to get her. Any ideas would be appreciated. And save the retarded ideas like " IIll giver her my dick harharhar"
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    This AUTOTUNE Fad.....

    Wondering what you guys think of these bay rappers using the autotune... So far I have heard - Jacka Cellski Bailey Killa Keise Feeling the Barney autotune remix the most. Cellskis song is cool, but his flow is so damn slow and boring now. Baileys songs are pretty cool, and Killa Keise's...
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    Karmaloop or Dr. Jays Discount codes??

    Anyone know any???? Thanks in advance
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    I need a shirt and an SB cd

    Gabe I need a size LARGE red Revenge is easy shirt and an SB cd. Didn't see either on your MIR site.
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    So Im playin UDI...

    And everyone I know is liking their cd's. Im playing that "Who U Wit" mixtape on the way home from work tonight and Dig and Quint always, or at least 9/10 times spit a sick ass verse. Whats up with these guys??? I know their older and whatever, but so's E40. They have talent. And all, ALL their...
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    Let it be known that Roy Williams of the Cowboys.....

    is a bitch with his weak ass horse collar tackles. Mcnabb got lucky as fuck he didnt blow his leg/ankle up yesterday. Williams has been fined multiple times since this tackle has been made illegal and he just keeps doin it and the rule was made for him!. Its because he's slow as fuck and is...
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    UDI and Pacific Division albums

    WHERE THE FUCK ARE THESE 2 ALBUMS AT! I see that the Pacific Division one is availiable on TC's myspace for purchase 99 cents a song, but is the cd in stores anywhere? What about Drunk Life? Someone on here from HP get me some info. Much appreciated.
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    Warriors just made the Playoffs - first time in 13 years

    Just wanted to say good shit Warriors and thank you Baron Davis.
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    That new Haji cd "Hello Buddy"

    Man this dude is so wack. He has good fetures and some good beats but I cant take this guys raps seriously at all, not to mention he looks like one of those old school CheaPets with his bald head and beard. Anyone else heard this cd?
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    Is the PACIFIC DIVISION ever dropping?

    Any new info.?
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    Heard that new Messy Fillmore Nation Vol 1..

    Wish I hadn't. Im glad that he is at least putting some dudes on from his area, but his quality of cd's he has been releasing since Draped Up and Chipped Out has been going downhill fast. If any of you Messy Marv fans out there are planning on buying this just bc his name is on it, I would...
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    Anyone watching the Tourney today?

    So far all of the games have been crazy, way better than yesterdays. Notre Dame and Winthrop, Nevada and Creighton, are both close and Wisconsin was down 18, but theyre making a run right now. Turn this shit on if youre near a TV. Go Nevada fuck Creighton!
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    I miss this dudes raps. Gabe when are you releasing some more of his material?