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    So he was denied after all?
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    Vlad TV interview with X Raided

    Rapper X-Raided Interview From Prison Coming Soon I wonder if this will be in person or over the phone. Either way, I'm looking forward to this.
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    The new Spice 1 joint has some 90s type joints on it.

    I'm really feeling this one. s4-3RO2rW94 He's got a few more on there that have throwback type production and flows. I miss shit like this.
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    What happened to O.Z. ??

    He's from Del Paso Heights and put out two albums that I know of. I remember his first self-titled album featured a bunch of Vallejo cats like Mac Dre, Mac Mall, Dubee, and Levitti. It was a pretty dope album. /uOk76kDqN08 z3TL1ac_1pg
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    Bay Area Rap History

    Very interesting article on the history of Bay Area Hip Hop, mainly the East Bay scene.
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    If E-40 came out with a Christmas album, what would the track list be?

    "When Christmas come around ask Santa Claus Santa do you know E-40? Bet you that nigga say "That's my homey!" - E-40
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    Emma drops a hot freestyle

    r0GSDUY-p_Q J/k Emma but you have to admit that there is some resemblance, lol.
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    I really hope they never become parents (Kind of Graphic)
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    Smoov-E - Victor Maitland (ft. Brotha Lynch Hung)

    Lynch ripped it, IMO. kxwEpgQNE_c
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    Cheapest health insurance plans?

    For those of you who do not have health insurance through your employer or your parent's employer, could you recommend some good health insurance plans? My health insurance is expiring in a few days and I really need to see a doctor regarding a health issue. Could you please recommend some...
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    Best websites to watch tv shows online?

    Th Sopranos, Family Guy, The Office, etc I've been using I'm watching the first season of In Treatment (HBO) and a few episodes are missing. Anyone have any other good websites to watch tv shows?
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    Eminem "3 AM" Offical Video (HD)

    If repost, delete pls. Video is dope, real grimey. It reminds me of Marlyn Manson videos - very graphic - but perfect for the song. Also one of my fav's on the album, next to "Stay Wide Awake". YtOZGjPIC84
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    n/m repost

    n/m repost
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    Tech N9ne- Red Nose (Video)

    Dude's a beast. Enough said. Says its off "Sickology 101"? Anyone have info?
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    Classic Shit!!!!

    Who down to mack yo batch and even jack fo' scracth/ This mutha fucka OZ and that Crestside Mac McbRqcUy1M8 What the fuck happened to OZ anyways??