Young Dago Rappers

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May 4, 2003
Oct 30, 2008
What up Ecay? How you been sir long time no hear right? Gea. I must say.. There's alot of niggas on here that personally gave me the truth title yet only one nigga (Kayo) came out with it on here! Tisk Tisk gentlemen. It's Ok, I'm reloaded on Siccness. Put it like this, anyone who feels I'm not the walking, talking, producing, rappin truth 22 and under, put your hottest record against my worst. We can even take it to the stage. I'm putting on a showcase every thursday starting Nov. 20 @ Brick by Brick featuring you cats who wanna be hot! Hit me and I'll get you in there one week!! Do ya research niggaz! Check my files!! While yall was bullshittin for 5 years, I was in LA getting some OG game. I'm ready to take this Dago shit to a new high, shot out to Mitch and Wrongekind records. Lets get it yall!!!!! -Mass