Wu Tang secret album?

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Jun 5, 2004
I used to be down with tha wu like everybody else and yes theyre oviously legends in the rap game, but i dont know one person that still listens to the wu-tang clan lol...

And if theres not gonna be any RZA production, its probably because hes too busy acting and making movie scores/music... Hes probably like "fuck all 93 of yall broke ass niggas, im in hollywood gettin dat arab money alongside michael mixerr"
Feb 2, 2006
cant the rza just give each member of wu tang some duckets so they wouldnt have to hold the cd hostage for ransom
May 16, 2002
This is an over hyped album. The box / cover & presentation is great, but the reality...

It's more than likely no different than most of the disappointments we get from albums today. Some of you claim you wouldn't pay $5 for a Wu album today. Let's face it, even if it had been released as a regular album & had 3 great singles most of us would much rather download it than purchase.

*Waits for the leak :siccness:

Coach E. No

Jesus es Numero Uno
Mar 30, 2013
I grew to appreciate east coast hip hop way after the fact from the golden age of hip hop in like 20008-present. But even now, there's only a few cuts I like by Wu Tang as a group off of all of their albums. Individually that number is higher, but it would have to be spectacular for me to buy it.