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  • Hey Lemon, there's a Capris for Men Super Sale going down tomorrow. One day only. I'll ask the boss if we can extend it to Monday, but you better get down here fast. 60% OFF select pairs of Capris for Men. We're overstocked, so come on down and take a few of these bad boys home.
    Masked Lemon, my dear old friend. I hope you're staying warm during this frigid and damp winter! I know that Capris for Men aren't the most popular attire during the cold months, but that's great news for Capri lovers! Because this winter we're SLASHING the price of Capris for Men by 35%. You heard that right! With savings this good, we'll have you sipping egg nog and opening presents in a pair of Capris in no time!
    Masked Lemon, I hope this message finds you well! Our Independence Day sale is about to burst like fireworks in the sky! We're celebrating with spectacular discounts on our Capris for Men. Swing by the store this week and you'll be able to get your hands on any pair of Capris for just $17.76! That's right - a nod to the year 1776. History never looked so fashionable!
    And here's the best part: if you buy four pairs of Capris for Men, we're giving you a fifth pair absolutely FREE. Yes, you read it right! But hurry, this offer is only valid while stocks last.

    As always, we can't wait to see you in our store. Your dedication to Capris for Men is legendary and we can't thank you enough for your ongoing support.

    See you soon!
    Hello Masked Lemon,

    Summer is in full swing and we'd like to inform you of our Summer Super Sale going on right now! If you come in and buy two pairs of Capris you can get a third pair absolutely FREE. Keep in mind this only while supplies last, but, knowing you, you'll be in here before I even finish typing this message!

    Looking forward to seeing you around the store.

    Take care, friend.
    Lemon! I hope you've been well my dear friend. Just wanted you to know that we just received a new shipment of artisan made Capris for Men from Africa. With every pair that you purchase you will be supporting the local cottage industry in Tonota, Botswana. So come on down!
    We're having a big Fall sale on Capris for men, so come on by!
    He hasn’t been on here in over 5 years but if he ever does log back in at least he’ll know he still got the hook up on Capris for men lmao @Chuco
    Props: Chuco
    Hey Mr. Lemon. How are ya? Come on down to the shop and grab yourself a bargain on Capris. It's our yearly summer bonanza sale, and Capris for Men are flying off the shelves!
    Masked Lemon, my dear old friend, it's the new year and I'd like to invite ya down to the shop for some killer deals on Capris for Men. Our annual winter extravaganza sale is in full effect and we're slashing prices on Capris! So come on down!
    You should head on down to the shop tomorrow. I got a few surprises for you; Capris you've never even dreamed of!
    Summer is in full swing and Capris for Men are flying off the shelves this season! So come on down and take advantage of our ridiculous and famous summer jackpot sale of Capris for Men!
    Hi there Masked Lemon, we made the mistake of over-ordering a few extra boxes of Capris for Men this month. I figured instead of sending them back to the distributor, I would give you first dibs. So if you're interested (as we know you are) in purchasing Capris for Men in bulk, I urge you to stop by the shop sometime this week so we can negotiate a price. See you soon.
    Masked Lemon, my friend. I would like to take a quick moment to thank you for coming in on 4/20 and purchasing 5 pairs of our exclusive and limited Hemp Capris for Men!
    Hello Masked Lemon, I would like to thank you for being the only person who camped out in front of the store over night waiting for doors to open at 5am on Black Friday. Because of your Capris for Men black friday shopping spree, we sold nearly 3/4's of our Capris for Men inventory. Also, it was great to meet your brother-in-law Steve who also purchased a few pairs of Capris for Men as well. Anyway, hope to see you at the store again soon my friend. We always appreciate your business.
    Masked Lemon, we're having a super sale this weekend on Capris for Men. It's our yearly summer bonanza super sale in which we slash the prices on Capris for Men by 20%! So come on down.
    Masked Lemon, it's been a while since we've seen you come into the shop for one of your Capris for Men shopping sprees. I hope you haven't converted to online Capris for Men shopping, Haha. I kid, kid. But to entice back into our store, we've slashed the price of premium brand Capris for Men from $23.95 down to $18.95. So come on down and grap a pair or twelve. Might even want to snag a few of our Capris for Kid's for your sons Tanner and Bradley. Not a bad way to finally get them to respect their old man by buying them a few Capris for Kids as gifts. See you soon.
    We have some outstanding deals on Capris for Men this week at the shop. As you probably already know, the highly stylish and long anticipated Burt Reynold's line of Capris for Men are now officially available and on sale. Burt Reynold's special edition Capris for Men pairs are starting at just $23.95, and there's a special BOGO (buy one get one free) offer available through Groupon. You better act fast, because the deal expires the 28th of this month.
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