Whats up with these scraps

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Apr 25, 2002
Moe is right, even though he was misinterpreted. On a side note, everyone seems to know what goes on in Frisco when they dont live there and refuse to go there lol.

Playboy is exactly right. These youngsters need to learn a degree of respect, this entire site is going so far downhill from new generations gettin on and not respecting the elders. Why not learn from the mistakes many of us have made. Its a damn shame.
Jul 19, 2005
Mr. ViNN707 said:
The world is changing sureno's use to hate black people and I don't think the true surenos down south even give a shit about the norteno sureno thing.

I use to wear red everything and tag X4 everywhere and jump sureno's with my homeboys but thats when I was 13-17 years old after having kids working a job owning a home you realize this shit is a little childish and 80% of people grow out of it. I realized that there is absolutly NO DIFFERENCE between a real sureno and a real norteno we all live the same lives do the same things and stand for the same principals. Now I can understand the hate towards these fake Northern California Surenos because most of them are fagget low life nobody's trying to rep some fake shit on the wrong side of the state.
doesn't matter where the fuck u were born north or south it's what u down for or believe in.So i guess if your from way up north alaska and u bang sur your fake.Or your from l.a or texas way down south you bang norte your fake,yeah it's the wrong side of the state?Nortenos might just be mad to see a gang of surenos all over northern california,but u would never see a norteno in southern california now let me think who the fake ones are?
Nov 1, 2005
well 18st has cliks all over southern cali and in other states.they even have 18 in mexico and el salvador...should they all move to the real 18th street in downtown l.a. in order to be ''real'' and not fake?and all the crips and bloods through out the country move to l.a. too?since their all basiclly claiming a southern cali thing.
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