Video of Killa Tay getting punked

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Feb 12, 2006
He's right here laughing at your stupidity and efforts to hate so hard. And I'm his new public relations mgr.
I got this.
☆☆Snake Eyes 2 Now Available☆☆
at Killa Tay Capone - The One and Only
HAHAHAHAHA this thread has had almost 14,000 more views than that website has had visitors lolol


پراید آش
Nov 5, 2002
reo @reo can u please use your forum moderator power to ip check whether @akonsbrother is also: pierxboy, fuck mcfuckerson, legman, 360_350, chicago54, liqwid, solo14, mr vandal?

these multiple account users a mess :(
if you are confused bout who i am, you are welcome to drive your sorry ass out here and find out bout me

ask Chree @Chree if im a siccness troll

i dont even know why your bitch ass is side bustin on me, you call Wax my hero but you call his name out like a bitch more then anyone on this think all that dumb shit you post is funny, but it heavyweight makes you look homo and like you got something for Wax...really creepy