Twitter IPO / Who Buyin?

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May 7, 2013
Contemplating selling my CZR position and selling short the Casinos. Looks like Vegas is starting to phase out free drinks. Used to be free you call it's when gambling. Some locations of Caesars properties now only want to give you garbage tier liquor, which means the next step is no freebies. Now, Caesars is trying to get sold off so profitability is vital now especially post debt relief restructuring, but this is g af and word on the strip is out
May 22, 2006
Dis been hittin hard, I like that play.
Haven’t been on here n a min. Took a bath on nvda. Bought shop. Bought apple. Holding amzn hodl. Made a play on PayPal. Hoping to dump it during the Uber hysterics but this China bullshit is stepping on my plan.

Anyways... hope everyone is making money
Props: StillHustlin