Twitter IPO / Who Buyin?

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May 7, 2013
Keep in mind, DIS streaming will be overvalued just like NFLX is. I foresee DIS only seeing a Max revenue, which will be a loss, after four full quarters, of 650 million.

Why would I double my position in DIS when it will lose, by my estimate, 1.9 billion?

DIS and NFLX are supposed to trade at a 1:3 ratio if we our valuation is on streaming alone. This means, with DIS other revenue streams, DIS belongs at 250, imo. A 1.9 billion dollar debt to a Corp who is doing it to grow revenue streams is not the same as consumer debt. This debt will not impact the bottom line as a decline in revenue would. The previously aforementioned Max revenue growth one full fiscal year is positive growth inclusive.
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