trace amounts of MDMA found in Sugarless Lifesavers

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Apr 25, 2002
damn yall I just read this shit on the internet

Trace Amounts of MDMA Found in Sugarless "Lifesaver" Candies
By: John Johnson

Researchers at Boston College recently completed a study which brought about some interesting facts about everyones favorite hard candy, the Lifesaver. After several parents reported their youngsters being "unusually wired" after eating the sugar-free candy, the candy was tested for any elements which would cause hyper activity. MDMA, the active ingredient in the club drug "Ecstasy," showed up in small amounts in sugar free Lifesavers.

"It appears the manufacturers of the candy used several different preservatives, which in turn, mixed together to form a toned-down form of MDMA," said Mary Cunningham, who works at the laboratory at Boston College.

"While the drug has proved to be harmful, the amount of Lifesavers one would have to eat to feel any effect would be upwards of two bags," she went on to state. Each bag holds about 50 Lifesavers.

The Lifesaver company has been informed of this and is working on a solution to the problem.

damn yall - i guess we should hit the store and buy hella sugar free lifesavers and take em to the FACE!


Sicc OG
Jul 21, 2002
I ate like a bag already and i think I feel somethin funny in my stomach, I'll take out the other bag to find out for sure. If it don't work fuck it 2 bags of candy ain't nothin to a boss! Yadada!


Feb 16, 2006
damn im rollin like a mutha...ate about 10 bags straight trippin balls...nah just playin, i got those savers at a nickel a piece though straight hustlin
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