This place still knocks, eh?

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May 21, 2002
Sacramento, CA
This is positively the oldest social media site I am still a member of. It's now been so long I barely recall how I discovered it. Something about seeing an interview with some rapper dude on a local station and he happened to mention the site by name ( at the time). VAMPS was still the owner and I forgot the chief engineer's name, only that they got into a beef and he split and bounced to either join or establish B.A.R.T. I believe both are long gone now. Shit I still got pics somewhere of the first Siccness BBQ! Bwhahahahahahahaha! I wanted to smash Sgt Hustle so damn bad! Ahahahahaha!

I barely recognize the place anymore. What happened to Sista Side of the Siccness?


Sicc OG
Jul 23, 2007
What up super OG. I never interacted with you before breh, whats good?

Sister Side got deleted a few months ago when the management here decided to do a site cleanup which never happened.
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Apr 25, 2002
FUBU Outlet
Glad your still around, some of us grew up on this shit.
that's tru.....whats up DT? good to see u on the sicc again. My boy GateWon a.k.a. noWetaG @noWetaG just came back too. whats up with ur stand up act? any of ur shows on the net to peep out?
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