So who else is voting for Trump again ?

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Jun 13, 2018
Gotham City
What do you guys think of Andrew Yang ? he is running for President.
He says because AI will take all the loser level jobs there needs to be a 1000 dollar
UBI for each person. I want my fucking money. Vote his fucker in!!
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28g w/o the bag

politically incorrect
Jan 18, 2003
metro's jurisdiction
i thought #yanggang was one of the only democrat candidates for president that haven't embarrased himself... up until he cried on stage about the victims of mass shooting... but you don't see one tear come out his eye

sad times

and i hate to say it fellas... and i know you all loved sara sidner.... but she needs a foot in her ass


Jun 13, 2018
Gotham City
Well the USA only mostly has stupid mother fuckers in the youth compared to other countries. He probably sees it as a waste of money.. as all young people want to do now is drink lean and pop pills an over dose
while mumbling raps. and pretending to worship the devil..
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haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 9, 2007
Dont matter who you vote for they're all puppets and only spokesmen for the government. And the government is made up of both parties. Voting is just there to make it seem like you have a voice but you dont. We get fucked either way. It's all a circus show
I remember reading somewhere the phrase "If voting mattered they wouldn't let us" . Has always rang true to me.