RIP Ne Obviscarus aka Smokingood

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May 9, 2002
"North seattle og kush" was Geoff's own strain he had grown and cultivated for years. He used to change the name depending on the fan base, so sometimes he'd call it "seattle platinum cookies" or whatever made it sound hot. He was so humble and modest about it that it took awhile for him to really let me know that he created it. I need to make sure to keep a cutting of that alive now and rename it.
Wait...he created that strain??? Seattle really is small.
Mar 21, 2007
Man RIP Geoff he was a real cool dude he has a dope sneaker collection too. We would mostly conversate about sneakers n shit and he even offered to get me some foamposites that were dropping because I said I was passing up on them because I had a bill to pay I said no thank you but was grateful for the gesture. Generous humble person. Rest In Peace