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Nov 5, 2008
...or ANY straight up gangsta shits? i've been on a loooooong hunt for these damn things. i have only found vol's 9 and 10 so far, and have sniffed at greatest hits - but nothin yet. if anyone wants 9 & 10, i can up those, but those also seem to be the most readily available on the 'net as well. i'm specifically lookin for greatest hits, and anything vol's 1-15, 16 or so - including the "no chapter" edition. ahhh... nostalgia like a MOTHERFUCKER w/ this series right here, bwoy... any early chi-bangin would be tight, too. if anyone knows where to purchase this shit nowadays, put me up on that, too. arrite, enough ramblin

i'm bout to comb this thread all to hell lookin for anything that trips my memory - i came up off this shit and didnt know who half the dudes rappin were at the time. rap as a whole has gotten stale enough for me to tread memory lane now.

1st post! bitches!

oh, and props in advance. one.