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  • fratè tuttappost? il tuo blog spacca sempre piu SEI IL KING.
    tra non molto rientrerò nel gioco pure io :)
    By the way, nice blog. If you have any requests for albums that you'd like me to review for my MAR blog, let me know. Thanks and have a nice day.
    I have to give up at this point if even the members of DOA don't have copies of their own music and if no one else if willing to help me. The third release was either Runnin Scared or the self-titled album (Marked For Death). My guess is that the self-titled album was Problem Child and Marked For Death thrown together.

    I'm assuming you have the DOA tapes I take it. And know all about the DOA discography.
    Why does nobody want that Princess Kaos cassette? I think it's good. Who do you know who's got all those Youngsta Records releases? Because I lost my Don't Fuck W/ Texas CD long ago.
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