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Jan 18, 2008
Rip City
yea i garanette you that the police give two shits about you, why would they? Why should they patrol your area with nothing more to go on than a 30 year old pussy crying about people on the internet. Your full of shit, and you just dont want people fucking with you, so you make it seem like they got the US army in front of your house protecting you. you dont win Chris, you lost At life, you work at a starbucks @ age thirty. you still live at your parents house, the internet is your only friend and outreach to the world. You lose!

DJ Mark 7
Jul 18, 1977
No it's not, it's still hilarious. I mean the guy just asked for someone to knock out his 60yr old dad who is on a breathing machine. That is funny as hell coming from this sucker lol.

Don't kill our fun Mark.

Plus if you do this guy will just spread to the other forums and threads. At least in this thread he is getting the attention he craves while not really bothering anything else.
I'm not "killing" anything...But truth be told it's just a buncha big talk at this point....Let's see some ACTION to these words!
Feb 21, 2003
Well it's as real as my girl calling the cops and having the cop have to come in my apt and actually listen to the messages !! U guys are pathetic !! Plus my girl having to have my back and be involved with me !! Lmao@ the calls thoe they can't call my real number anymore!! Comcast changed my number and ip and all that last night !! Allu these have is my parents info !! And that's all u get have a ball !! I don't here the calls!! Lmao@ at these kids calling my parents house All day !! And I don't even hear anything!! Haa have a blast do it all week !! All year!! Haa
as the great shea once said:

"It's not a condo, chris, its an apartment."

thanks for the confirmation, coffee boy.


not nolettuce
Jun 5, 2002
at the welfare mall
^^^ I totally agree Mark.

He said he isn't coming back now and is going to his own website whatever that means. He probably has a forum where he talks shit back and forth to himself lol.

But yeah, if he doesn't comeback (which he will) or something doesn't happen in the next couple days the go ahead and lock it up for sure. I just don't want him going around to other forums/threads on here with multiple user names like he did on Raptalk from what I hear.


Long live the KING!!!!
May 7, 2002
Ccmon felony!! I got a idea ! Come to my parents house ! Knock my dad out I'll be in the side window writing the plate number down ! Real quick ! And we can get this thing moving !! Sound good?!!
if somebody put hands on your pops, you would stand there doodling with a pen, instead of helping him? god your a coward.
Aug 12, 2007
WOW...FUCK EVERYBODY hatin on redwood city and its rappers...i lived there from 1995 to 2002 pushn my muzik in da FAIR OAKS BLOKS and LMG side...i dnt consider myself a REDWOOD ARTIST but i lived there long enuff to kno nigaz iz slept on...includin myslef
chek my profile-100