name a rap/hip hop group you'll respect till you die

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Sep 26, 2002
mine is
cypress hill

there's nothing out there like the first 3 cypress hill albums
i like the sound
i don't smoke weed (although i think all drugs should be legalized)

that shit is original. i didnt listen to rap back in the early 90s, but it's weird to me that these guys made it to the mainstream by their own rules and i dont hear anyone trying to take their shit and replicate it.... that alone, to me, means they had something special and no one can replicate that shit... there mighta been some groups in the early 90s but they obviously failed.

i hope they would go back to their old style... dark psychedelic shit.... but i'm not bitchin but if they did go back and do that style, having tech on a fuckin track would be bad ass coz tech can rip any beat
Jun 10, 2002
Nwa- just cuz they were the first to really put this gangster shit out there and they pissed alot of folks off while doing it.

Doomsday Productions just for the simple fact that I got to have a brief convo with playboy 7 on myspace messenger one night and that was a shock to even catch him on there and talk to him like that. I kept it brief though cuz I wasnt trying to come across as a groupie or no shit like that. but It was still cool as fuck.

and too many other groups I cant think of at the time
Jun 22, 2007
Three 6 Mafia.

Now, they done sold out, sorda. They down to 2 members (Paul and Juicy, the producers). But they still producin the best beats, to me atleast, for their artists (Lil Wyte, Chrome, Frayser Boy, Project Pat (legend).

Their old shit from 95 to 2003, is the best rap music ive heard.

Their "music" is just amazing to me. I know they rap about stuff that "great" emcees dont really rap about. They rap and rapped about drugs, violence, robbery, demonic shit back in the day, and just real hardcore shit. But their beats were just so amazing to me, and still are, better back then tho, but their beats, their flow, their chemistry just sounded so good. Lord Infamous (no longer with them) is one of the most underrated emcee's ever, hes amazing. And they are the darkest rap group ive ever heard. 8 years of GREAT music (95-03).

I love dark rap, and 3 6 was the Kings of that. Their eerie, mystic, crunk ass beats.
I listen to Hypnotize Minds every day. I cant stop listenin to them. Instead of putting one of my other 250 plus rap CDs in, i put in 3 6 or Project Pat or Lil Wyte in because I cant help it.

With that being said, Tech N9ne still my fav Emcee of all time!!!


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Jan 23, 2006
Rich City
Outkast or The Roots. I'm avid fans of them and own every cd of theirs and have seen numerous shows by each. I don't care that Outkast is mainstream, and I'm actually happy that the Roots have been achieving alot of popularity the past couple CD's.......the Roots have the best live show HANDS DOWN