i have a question for the real brehs

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Aug 22, 2003
Seattle, WA
i think your're a plain faggot from seattle...and that alone is enough to kill yourself..
She switched to texting cause she knew you lacked balls and is on to the next one. She cant be listening to your simpleton voice while some random real man is trying to get on. Tell the truth she shut you down
Feb 11, 2006
i find hysterical that ya'll are really looking that deep into it ....i put her on a pedestal ? hardly

and whatever timebomb talkin about, maybe a scenario you've been...you had the details
LOOOOL Breh you was over where you at masterbating over the phone to a broad who you never met whos tids look like they been put in a vice and shit..then you catching hdlla feelings for her but the thorn in your side is she has a man who be sucking on them tumors when it should be you as you two got so close you spoke fir weeks on the phone for upto 8hrs having deep convos and masterbating to the sound of her voice.

You need to slap your self for that

but then like a dork you come on here and make a thread asking for advice about what to do but in the process you made up hella lies,you were drunk,you even saud you was drinking when you had the convos while you was both drinking("hey baby wanna go for a drink??? ill phone you when your glass is full and we can drink together")...

Then you try to cover up your bullsgit by posting "pics" of "her" but it back fires when people here flame you for the quality of pussu you cupcaking over
Then you makd a fake POF account to try to calm niggaz down but niggaz aint dumb and see through that shit...

Thats how shit went and you lying if you say it aint so