Historic SD classic shit: All Gas No Brakes Radio #1-4, stream/download.

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Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
if the links dont show up to stream or download, go to the top right and click "view feed xml" then you can download whatever episode you please.

BUT PEEP GAME! got a treat for you. you can just stream it in this page! press 'play' at the links below the tracklistings.

if you dont know, let me reintroduce yall asses.

tracklistings are as followed:

All Gas No Brakes Radio
Week 1: September 14th, 2009.

1. Fuck the Police, J. Dilla
2. Ruff Raw, Bossman Hogg
3. Untitled, I-Rocc/Googie Monsta/Cee-Wee3
4. Hit the Strip, Licwit/Bad Azz/Doggy's Angels
5. Vossi On the Rocks, XL Middleton
5.5. Blunt Break, Messy Marv
6. Pop A Pill, Syko
7. Sober, The Future
8. Bringin That Heat, Big Twin
9. I Deserve This Shit, Purp Reynolds
10. I'm Dope, Smigg Dirtee
11. A.B.C. (Over Jackson 5 Song) , Ghostface Killah
11. Blackout, Nonstop/Kon1/Jake
12. I'm So High, Max B
13. J.O.B. , 70Sav-Danked Out
14. Match One, Young Sau/Dave Moss
15. You Played Me, D-Lo
16. Olde English Music, Mink Loco/Licwit
17. New Money, I-Rocc, Turf Talk/Mistah Fab
18. Quality, Chalie Mak
19. Yokin', Dippin' and Smashin', Luni Coleone/Syko

Drops by Keak the Sneak, Mellow Man Ace, Mitchy Slick, Jay Rock

Stream link: [ame]http://ia700408.us.archive.org/32/items/TheAllGasNoBrakesRadioShow_326/Agnb_radio-Week1.mp3[/ame]

Week 2
Friday, October 16, 2009 6:49 PM
All Gas No Brakes Radio
Week 2: September 25, 2009

0) Jay Rock drop
1) Intro: Skit #1 "Give Away"
2) Evil vs. Evil, G-Macc
3) He Got A Gun, Treali Duce ft. Ecay Uno
4) Tryna Get A Dollar, Mitchy Slick
* (First Quarter Break)
4.5) Mitchy Slick drop
5) 10 Little Indians, Dago Braves
6) Take Control, C.O.R. ft. Layzie Bone
7) Sip Sumthin, Shady Nate
7.5) Interlude by Lil Keke, "R.I.P DJ Screw"
* (Second Quarter Syrup Break.. Beat: Drive Slow, Kanye West)
8) Skit #2 "Weed Break"
9) Pocket Full ov Twomp$, Nump
10) To the Moon, Krypto
11) Mary Jane, Sfive and Jaz on the beat
* (Third Quarter Pill Break.. Beat: Cold World, GZA)
12) Wanna Be, Nobe
13) Free, Young Mass
14) Bombudd II, DJ Quik
* (fourth quarter Drank break.. Beat: Last Dayz, Onyx)
15) Skit #3 "Wheres It From? Let Me Know!"
16) Playin With My Nose, Messy Marv
17) Ain't The Same, Cutthroat
18) Searching for Hip Hop, Sfive & Jaz On The Beat
19) All good, Illa J
20) Outro: Interview With The Devil, Brotha Lynch

Special Guests: DJ Wreckless, Kanye West.

*Stream: [ame]http://ia600404.us.archive.org/26/items/TheAllGasNoBrakesRadioShow_199/Agnb_radio-Week2.mp3[/ame]

Friday, October 16, 2009 6:55 PM
All Gas No Brakes Radio
Week 3 - October 2, 2009

1) Joe's Machines, Myka Nyne
2) Demi Moore, Lee Majors, Yukmouth
3) Juicy, Ecay Uno, Googie Monsta, Cee Wee 3
4) Cocaine Cowboys, J stalin
* (Interlude beats by Madlib, MF Doom)
5) Menace 2 Society, Mc Eiht (skit)
6) Blue Rag House Shoes, Checc
7) The Hussle Way, Nipsey Hussle
8) Silver and Lead, Awax and Gonzoe
* (Interlude, Oh No from Oxnard)
9) All Gas, No Brakes, Young Sau, Mike Ula

*** 10-minute Freestyle, Licwit

10) Get It Fast, Rydah J Clyde
11) "I Went From" (piano skit), Brotha Lynch, Phonk Beta
12) Southside, Young Rebz of Loose Cannons
13) Mas Fire, Kankick (skit)
14) Smile, Contraband
18) Thank God for California
19) Loop Loop, Licwit
20) Exclusive (no title), Ecay Uno

*Stream: [ame]http://ia600304.us.archive.org/25/items/TheAllGasNoBrakesRadioShow_936/Agnb_radio-Week3.mp3[/ame]

Friday, October 16, 2009 7:01 PM
All Gas No Brakes Radio
Week 4 - October 8, 2009

1) Scarface Intro, A-wax
2) Old Headz, A-wax
2) New Generation, Uncle Murda
4) He'll Shoot, Mitchy Slick
* (interlude)
5) Shine Time, Declaime
6) Time to Shine, Big Twin
7) 1994 Hoe Draft, Warren G
9) Is it Cool To Fuck, D-shot (screwed by DJ Screw)
10) Parinoid (skit)
11) Treez, Myka Nyne
12) Greenery, Quasiomoto/Madlib
13) "No Drank", Fat Pat (skit)
14) Leave Drank Alone, Big Moe
15) Madlib Public Service Announcement
17) Get Off My Dick, Unknown Singer from Houston, TX [Lil Flips b'day mixtape]
18) "Fuck Everybody" Brotha Lynch/COS (skit)
19) "Fuck Everybody' Jacka
20) Danger Zone, Goldie Gold from The Federation
21) "Break These Fools", Mc Eiht (skit)
22) Net Weight, Phil the Agony
23) Money, Dudley Perkins
24) West Coast Backwards Beat, Madlib
25) Pistol Grip Pump, Volume 10
26) Bobbin' and Weavin', Contraband
27) Memory Band Interlude
28) However Do You Want It, Dirty Birdy
29) Suck My Dick, OG Ron C (outro)
30) Last moment shout outs....

*Stream: [ame]http://ia600402.us.archive.org/16/items/TheAllGasNoBrakesRadioShow_3/Agnb_radio-Week4.mp3[/ame]

All Gas no brakes 2 "bay area livin" droppin soon powered by siccness.
All gas no Brakes Radio vol 1. collectors edition CD's droppin next month.
Hand drawn covers/back covers, jewel cases. 12.00 for the supporters.
Every episode of part 1 will be on soundclick for those who wanna stream.

Thank you for the endless support yall, Ive been working on part 2 for the last half year and its soon to drop. theres going to be art for every epsidoe like the last season. until then, peep the old joints....

Like i said, all 36 episodes will be up on soundclick by tonight. enjoy!

Theres alot of substitutes and duplicates but theres only one real all gas no brakes.
powered by I-rocc, DagoSD, Gas One, Fatman, Crhymes, Young Sau, and Siccness.net. Support only the real shit. dont get duped by these niggas claimin they AGNB.

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Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
i dont think all of you REALLY REALLY heard licwit just freestyle perfectly for a god damn 10-12 minute , 4-5 beat classic with one stop to drink water during a beat intro, then continue.

listening to it again that might have been one of the dopest freestyles ive heard damn near anyone do, and im talking signed rappers, excluding freestyles on paper. the only one ive heard do that was kurupt on the wake up show in the 90's and mistah fab, specifically.
not even because hes the homie, i could not know this nigga from a can of paint and i'd say that was one of the dopest freestyle sessions in life.

and if youre from SD you caught all the lines that might have normally flew right over your head.

I think licwit needs an applause for that from the entire siccness.

EVERYONE ON SICCNESS WHO LIKES WEST COAST RAP! should listen to episode 3 and at least fast forward to that part.

shit, if i was him id rip that freestyle and put it on an album.
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Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
and ima post twice because im serious, yall really need to listen to that if you love west coast rap music. youll never hear that freestyle anywhere else, this is your only chance,

slackin on uploading all the other episodes but i got yall. theres so many dope moments like that, but that was some catching lightning in a bottle shit.

on topic, black mikey also did his thing.
also, episode 30 with licwit mooch massive and mink loco. another freestyle extravaganza.

but shit, like 20 niggas freestyled on that show. obnoxious did his thing, young sau, beez, sonny bo, hella people.

for those who didnt know, the show was set up like a hood soap opera. every episode has a theme and the songs connect by topics. i went to jail (for real) the day of one of my shows, and couldnt smoke weed anymore court ordered. so that show might have been the topic of jail. or when i got back, the show might have been about what i did to get arrested. but the show was forced to change when i couldnt get high, but i found new inspirations to continue. the people! proud i brought alot of people together that didnt fuck with eachother before. for instance, sonny bo and dubble o. alot of skits had to do with dago's culture, gang culture, our beefs, etc. i focused more on scripting and plot building than trying to show off dj skills and all that. it was raw. we got high on every show, ate well, and had fun for the listeners. 7 years later people email me about shows. its crazy.

lostening to the sonny bo and dubble o beez episode shit SOUNDS fun. ima have to upload all these today for yall. topic for that show was the hustle (not just drugs...pimping..however u get it) ,getting money thru that hustle, flashing money and becoming someones target for they hustle, spendin money. havin fun. sonny bo dont even freestyle and he gave me one.
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