Fuck moving

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May 27, 2009
On New Years Eve my landlord called up and said he's getting divorced and needs my apartment as soon as possible. That fucked my whole night up because I love my apartment and hate moving more than cancer.

Anyways, I found a cool spot downtown and got some boxes. These are the instructions on the boxes. I swear the Germans can't make anything simple.

Out here when people move out, they take EVERYTHING. Including the fucking sink (seriously), cupboards, oven, and lights. I'm lucky that three rooms in the new spot even have light fixtures in the ceiling. The other rooms just have wires hanging out.

So yeah, this weekend I'm moving and not looking forward to it. I used to work UPS and lots of other warehouse jobs. Now when I touch boxes I go into "box rage" and just start throwing that shit around. And the new spot is on the 5th floor. Hah.

Here's the view from the new place. Right next to a church where the bells go off every 15 minutes 24/7. WTF am I doing to myself?

So be grateful you're not moving this weekend.
Aug 24, 2003
you could turn it into a game

take a hit off the bong everytime the bells go off
or chug a beer everytime they go off

the possibilities are endless. id rather have church bells than commercial jetliners landing or police and ambulance sirens all the time
May 27, 2009
One cool thing is the new place has an elevator that goes directly into the apartment. I'm hoping it'll work as panty grease. I'm tired of carrying around this bottle of chloroform.
May 3, 2002
I gotta move too, same apartments but fuck moving big ass dressers, tv's and what not. Not to mention I gotta call DirecTV, Wave internet and change my address on everything.. FUCK! :mad:
Mar 23, 2004
lol @ neshani posting a pic of a dope ass view knowing everbody's gonna say "niiice" and acting like he's miserable cuz he doesnt wanna seem cocky about it.

"fuckin germans"