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Jun 21, 2006
O yea i forgot about Mike meezy there, i Guess he deserves an honorable mention because of the timex social club and 'i got 5 in it'

Lol @ hiighwire turning Levitti into the next urban horror myth....

So nobody knows if and how many time Levitti is doing for this crime?


( o )( o )
May 4, 2005
anyone know what ever happened with this? was he convicted of murder? can't find it online (old post i know, just stumbled on it)
He's in Solano County w/ his next court date on Sept. 22nd facing 3 felonies & 2 misdemeanors. At least Attempted Murder is no longer listed as a charge

do a search for Lewis Arvelle King @

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Jul 12, 2002
Damn those are actually new charges from this year that he's in jail waiting trial for.

He actually had a trial for the fire setting incident in May of last year. They dropped the attempted murder and charged him with burglary. I couldn't find any articles after this one. They covered the first day of the trial but not the outcome. Shitty reporting.

Homeless man accused of home invasion robbery returns to court

A Solano County Superior Court jury has been seated in a felony trial of a homeless man accused of home invasion robbery.

Lewis Arvelle King, 41, of Vallejo was once arrested for trying to set another homeless man on fire, however, that case has since been dropped.

Now the specific charge is burglary with people present — home invasion robbery.

Thursday, the attorneys in the case had witnesses use markers on photocopies to indicate where they stood when they saw King.

“I stopped Mr. King. I took him to be identified by the Sanchez,” said Fairfield Police Officer Dan Datzell, who made the original arrest.

Deputy District Attorney Susan Rader and Deputy Public Defender Tamani Taylor vigorously pursued the truth in a full day of testimony. But perhaps the most impressive testimony was spoken outside the range of the jury’s hearing. That testimony came from the family.

Brother and sister, Herriberto and Jessica Sanchez sat holding hands in the courthouse lobby. Herriberto Sanchez had a pained look on his face.

“I didn’t want this big thing,” he said. “He didn’t take anything important.”

“We were moving,” Jessica Sanchez added. “We had taken almost everything away. Now my brother had to miss a day at work. “This poor guy . . .,” her voice trailed off.