Fan suggestions/reccomendations for DINNER & A MOVIE

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Super Moderator
Apr 24, 2002
OK yall.....
i know MADESICC artist participation is almost nonexistant these days,
but trust me they DO still read this forum...
so to actually get sum convo going bout what yall would like to see on LYNCHs next highly anticipated album i thought i would start this thread.....

ill come bac later with sumore thoughts,
but i would like LYNCH to do ALOT of the beats himself....
& LEGENDARY TRAXTER on summa the others....
TECH N9NE, CROOKED I & DOOMSDAY are some of my wishes for features......
what bout yall?
Oct 23, 2006
they read this board?? well how about a fucking update??? it seems like yall don't even give a fuck about your fans. We been coming here for a long time waiting and waiting....
Feb 10, 2006
they read this board?? well how about a fucking update??? it seems like yall don't even give a fuck about your fans. We been coming here for a long time waiting and waiting....
cant argue with that

i remember how i found, back when this site was jus pics of lynch....back in 97-98

now its


Sicc OG
Sep 12, 2002
he just need to go hard in the paint. it seems like his fans on are on a "one last chance " basis with him. it's a drought right now and he needs to come heated or go pick daisies and pansies someplace.

i still bump loaded and season of the siccness every blue moon. i just ordered 24 deep and i have everythig else. now i need something tight from madesicc.
Nov 25, 2004
it be good to hear him wit more other sac artists more often

luni-lynch need to take him out the hypy bullshit
more Bo
more shit with da flowheacons
even shit wit hollow, young droop
Apr 25, 2002
legend from 2 good albums? hmmmm, debateable i guess.

my thoughts are like this:
GET SOME FUCKING PRODUCTION. I dont even give a shit who produces it, everyone talks about Lynchs and Betas production being so great, shit is suspect to me. Rather hear him spit over some Rob-Lo type beats.

PLEASE GOD THINK OF CREATIVE HOOKS AND CHROUSES! REPEATING "DO THE DEATH DANCE" and "WATER - CUZ YOU KNOW IM THIRTSY" A MILLION TIMES OVER DOES NOT MAKE FOR A GOOD CHROUS. Half the time, I wish Madesicc didnt even have chrouses, cuz they usually fuck the song up. Please make this a vital element of the album.

Features - honestly, you can keep the Daz and Snoop and Crooked I features Lynch. Id rather hear you connect back with your roots that you strayed so far away from. A T-Nutty and Lynch song of them rippin it back and forth would be enough for even my critical ass to buy the album. How about reconnecting with Bo? How about reuniting with Hollow? Stop being so fuking scary and reach out to these people in an effort to make a quality Sac album. Fuck, hollar at A-Wax, hollar Stalin, hollar Jacka...

Which brings me to my next point, PUT SOME FUCKING MONEY INTO THIS ALBUM. Christ, you get out what you put in. If you dont feel like dropping the money to put your all into this album, then why even do it?

Did I mention PRODUCTION?

I dont know. Lynch puts himself in lose / lose situations cuz he takes 5 years to put out an album, then everyone thinks its gonna be some classic cuz hes been working on it for that long, only to realise he put in about 3 months work, and puts out an average album. Just think if Lynch took a year to craft 3 SICK ass songs, we would have a 15 track classic.

I dont know. I really dont even care anymore. But DAAM is either gonna be the first step to getting back in the game, or the nail in Lynchs coffin.
Jan 6, 2006
just drop the damn album this OCTOBER yes!!!! i know it wont be halloween cuz that falls on a thurs or fri if im correct. just give some decent promotion, so whats the label thats gonna take care of madesicc?? i heard lynch is workin with snoop and koch on to help push the album. its near the end of july and 3more months to go. are we gonna get an official press release about the album??? keep them features as mentioned b4: snoop, dpg, tech n9ne, young buck, yuk, keek