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Aug 16, 2003
I thought the shit was good for an EP. It was a little bit of everything you might like lol. I really liked KOJOMD haha and of course A Real 1 is the standout track on the EP. JL impressed the hell out of me.

I know reviews are mixed...but I feel like in a way they should be. Tech has a lot of variety on this shit and it should grab the ear of most of his fans..unless your into his super dark shit.

Shit should hold me down until a full album drops
Dec 14, 2005
Title track fucking bangs.. love everything about that song. Earregular is def different, the chorus is kind of annoying.. but the verses are really fuckin good, and I like the beat. Dont Tweet This is a good party track, good heavy beat, and good flows, but the chorus is too simple and kills the momentum of the song.

Rock Yo Head is another great party song, love how they split up the verses, I liked the chorus too, real amp.. Boy Toy is a joke.. and I believe it was supposed to be, but still.. I dont see how this made the cut.. the only thing I can say positive about it is, Tech is hilarious on this.. KJOMD is actually really dope after a couple listens.. love the concept, and its perfectly executed by Tech and Krizz.

A Real 1 is probably the best overall track on the EP.. Tech and JL rip up that beat, and Kali really ties the track together with maybe one of the better choruses ive heard from them in a while.. really dope shit

Overall Id say its a 7.5 or an 8 out of 10... The middle of the EP kind of bogged down the feel of the record.. probably one too many filler tracks.. replace Boy Toy with something a little more fitting, and id probably give it a 9.