E-40 The Element of Surprise Double CD

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Where do you rank this CD in E-40's collection?
Whats your favorite songs off the CD?

Disc 1 (Yellow)
1."The Element of Surprise" – 4:21
2."Trump Change" – 4:30
3."All Tha Time" (feat. B-Legit) – 3:21
4."Dump, Bust, Blast" – 4:11
5."Hope I Don't Go Back" (feat. Otis & Shug) – 4:38
6."$999,999 + $1 = A Mealticket" – 4:32
7."Money Scheme" (feat. Jayo Felony) – 6:20
8."Zoom" – 4:09
9."Mayhem" (feat. A-1) – 5:09
10."Personal" (feat. Levitti, D-Shot, Suga-T & The Mossie) – 4:31
11."My Hoodlumz & My Thugz" (featuring Mack 10 & WC) – 4:44

Disc 2 (Orange)
1."Do It To Me" (feat. Busta Rhymes) – 3:40
2."Lieutenant Roast A Botch" (feat. Sylk-E. Fyne) – 4:41
3."It's On, On Sight" (feat. C-Bo) – 4:13
4."From The Ground Up" (feat. Too Short & K-Ci & JoJo) – 4:52
5."Flashin'" – 4:54
6."Doin' Dirt Bad" (feat. B-Legit) – 4:24
7."Broccoli" (feat. Otis & Shug) – 4:07
8."Jump My Bone" (feat. Bosko) – 3:57
9."Back Against The Wall" (feat. Master P) – 4:16
10."To Da Beat" – 4:12
11."Dirty Deeds" – 3:46
12."Ballin' Outta Control" (feat. Levitti) – 4:22
13."One More Gen" – 6:09

Mr G

Drunk Pot-Head
Apr 4, 2007
Las Vegas
favorite songs
trump change and its on on sight.

catalog rating

1.In A Major Way
2.Charlie Hustle
3.Hall Of Game
4.Loyalty & Betrayal
5. Federal
6. Element of surprise...

ballatician and everything after until the second 2 revenue retrievin set i do not care for at all.
my ghetto report card ties grit n grind for the ones i dislike the most
Apr 25, 2002
Good call. I consider everything after Loyalty and Betrayal to be a different era of E40.

I enjoyed the EOS when it came out, but it was during the time everyone was doing double discs. There was just too much filler for my taste. And back then I liked Mike Mosley, Sam Bostic, Studio Ton productions much more than Bosko. In a major way is still my favorite though. Funk Daddy laced some super Mob beats for that.
Props: Rasan
Sep 17, 2005
That was the last 40 album I bought. I put it in last place behind everything else he dropped before this. It might have been cuz it was 2 cds, kinda made it drag on. All his previous albums were certified classics to me though. Just seemed like shit was startin to go in a different direction to me after this album.
Nov 14, 2002
Beat=Dump, Bust, Blast

thats the first song i play when i wanna show out my car system.that bassline is so fuckin tremendo.

Song=Doin' Dirt Bad. E-40 & B-Legit went crazy on that track.

i dont know where i would rank it but its somewhere in the top 3 out of all his albums.