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    I still haven't found L-Dog - My Struggle. If you know anything about him, please tell me. I know he has 2 other albums out there.
    What happened top Princess Kaos? What happened after that? I know she was supposed to have an all called Break'um Off Somen' Proper or something like that. There was clipping of her in a San Antonio newspaper in 1994. Why does nobody want that cassette? I think it 's good. Who do you know who's that got all Youngsta Records releases? Because I lost my Don't Fuck W/ Texas CD long ago.
    I've been trying to find L-Dog - My Struggle and any other albums he's got put out there. Please help me! CDBaby took the pages for his two albums My Struggle and Da World Iz Yourz (froze silent). The artist hasn't updated his accounts in a while.
    I was really wanting to buy it. Now it's long out of stock. I though you might have had it since you had the other one. I know he did another album in 2000. Do you know where I could find his CDs?
    Dang! Really? DO you know anyone who has them? I have Livin-N-Sin on CD and Who Got Yo Back on cassette. Along with Frustrated By Death on my computer. Lil Sin used to have on his myspace page a snocap store where you could buy all his stuff. Now that snocap closed I can't find it. I wish he would have put all his albums on iTunes, Rhapsody, or some other online music store. He might have lost the rights to some of his albums. (I'm only guessing.) I don't know what happened to BLVD Records since they didn't/don't have a website. I'm not sure what happened to Suga Bear and C-Ordell. Last I heard about C-Ordell was in 2003 when he was working at Rhapsody Studios with Matt Daemon
    Do you know where I can find 4eva Young and Still Here? I live in Austin and I can't find it here. Please tell me. Thanks!

    Do you have the albums 4eva Young and Still Here? You were selling them a while back. I've been looking for them the longest. I live in Austin and I can't find it here. Please tell me. Thanks!
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