E-40 - Big Ballin Wit My Homies & Sir Mix Alot - My Posse's on Broadway

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Feb 1, 2006
nlrwriting said:
It was kinda wack anyways! haha
Wow, are you saying "my posse on broadway" was wack??? That's like saying water is dry or something. Its simply illogical.....

I'm not a fan of Yo Gotti's 2003 remake "reppin' north memphis" that I heard the other day tho.

And did someone really call Mixalot a one hit wonder? That's like saying Digital Underground was a one hit wonder or something. You clearly didn't grow up with the genius that was mixalot. What u know about those buttermilk biscuits? Ironman? Swass? One hit wonder? Pppffft. Please.
Not open for further replies.