Dope Norte Rap Artist

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Mr G

Drunk Pot-Head
Apr 4, 2007
Las Vegas
The Northerner Rap market is pretty crazy with gossip hella abundant and support pretty territorial within just northern/central cali. We all have our own personal preferences based on politics and connections besides talent so I know fans out of state and country (tho limited) are the ones keep the machine moving. With all that in mind, the names with the most fame, legit catolog, and currently still dropping stuff are:
Big Tone, Lil Raider, Lil Toro, Doc 9

There's a lot of more people who meet your qualifiers but are only sporadically releasing singles and featurings like:
Big Oso Loc, Salineros, Tito B and whole bunch more

Lastly, a bunch of newer names do actually have the audience now with only youtube vids and singles, plus we have our very own berner named DJ 40oz