Don Fry Gets beat up in hotel lobby

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Feb 12, 2004
Hahaha damn Don Frye is too fucking old to be fighting especially when he's wasted. I bet if nobody holds them back and he's sober Don Frye destroys Sonny by taking him to the ground and pounds his ass out.
Feb 8, 2004
I found this at a mma site.......they got it from another site...

The following is from

The fight with Don Frye and "Sonny," who was Leland Chapman's bodyguard, started when promoter Chris Salsbury told Scott Steiner that MMA promoter Phil Flathres would be in charge of paying the wrestlers. The wrestlers came to Flathers for their money. Somehow the MMA people and wrestling people were played against each other and tension developed. "Sonny" started making remarks about pro wrestling, which saw an MMA fighter/pro wrestler, Frye, telling him to shut up. Frye had been drinking and was loaded. It wound up with them going outside. "Sonny" allegedly sucker punched Frye, bloodying him up. Frye then allegedly single legged Sonny and was punching him hard from the mount when it was pulled apart. The second confrontation in the parking lot saw Sonny knock down Frye and Sonny and Leland Chapman ran off as Scott Norton came and Frye got up. It should be noted that we've gotten many different versions and all are slightly different but this seems to be the best detailed version.


C'mon now...
Jan 3, 2005
Happened at the Sherridan by the SF airport late october during the Wrestlefanfest weekend. I didnt see the punch, but I did see a group of wrestlers and another group of shootfighters chase after them in the front of the hotel.