Do you think brotha lynch really ate and killed people?

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Jun 13, 2018
Gotham City
You know the more i read about real cases on the darknet happening stories about the same things lynch rapped about. I wonder if he used to see all those bad illegal porn and snuff sties in the 90s? Cause how else would he get those ideas? Either that or he used to watch under ground horror and snuff tapes. No way he came up with that shit on his own unless he was really doing it.
I think he was really killing people and eating them for lunch.. as i sip this vodka things are more clear than ever...

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Feb 8, 2006
Watch the brotha lynch documentary “Now Eat”. That nigga lunch tells some white boy that owes him money “you better pay me or I’ll eat you” and gives him a crazy cannibal look. There’s a scene where lynch eats that dudes foot in a back alley. CreepinOnAhComeUP @CreepinOnAhComeUP