Crazie locs joins surteños 14 gang calling out slobs

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Jul 12, 2002
This thread just exposed him as still lurking the forums the entire time while slurping up his own penis 😂🤢🤮
No kidding. He was in here with the quickness and then tried to play it off like he was just browsing the internet and not the Sicc and landed here by accident lmao

Just browsing through my name I was and a weirdo fuckboi talk bout my porn.shame on u fuckkin fat sorry loser lol 😆 the women keep feeling hott and horny on the porn.these losers meals r too good for them meals r right for me and it looks right as I meals and drinks for them no drinks or meals it still sucks for the fact they exist lol 😆
And I wasn’t browsing through the siccness just internet browsing a lot of u idiots got no lives and some might have one finger y’all r the type go on this chit fuckkin ugly deformed looking idiots lol 😆
May 7, 2013
It must feel horrible to feel like an "ugly deformed looking idiot," especially when you are serious mentally ills (obv he was expressing internalized pain). I can't lie, I still feel bad for the guy to an extent (I also did not watch that video lmao) because he obviously has shitty caretakers like STAFF WRITER @STAFF WRITER said...

The world is a cesspool happy Easter chingling, when you off your next meth binge, turn yourself in to the hospital.