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Oct 16, 2007
Them others ain't annoying. Something more subtle like Traxamillion's sig, even David Banner's shit ain't bad. If you ever listen to a DJ Fresh mixtape, after hearing his sig in the beginning of every song you get sick of that shit. Maybe if it said DJ Fresh one time instead of DJ Fresh.. DJ Fresh.. DJ FFRESHH.

When i hear it gets me pumped and id do the same thing if i was him at a time like this producers never get credited. If you gettin sick of hearing it then you need to listen to other shit maybe. keep doin what works. u probably listen to fresh more then david banner to where its not annoying. pretty sure you didnt always think it was annoying untill u kept hearing it, same shit bitch lol
Sep 25, 2008
Took a little bit gettin' used to Boosie, even some chopped n screwed versions, but dude go hard. DB kinda sound like him, but ain't got shit on Boosie. As far as liking some that sound different, that's all personal preference cause there's the Keaks, the Marvs, the Yuks, etc. Once you can put behind how they sound and listen to their lyrics, then it's something else if it's still dope... Boosie>DB