Chree wants you!

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May 14, 2009
damn, suzy just joined the sicc and she already knows how to use the quote feature for multiple quotes? impressive
This is fairly basic for most forums. I've been online since a lot of y'all were, well, toddlers, so I'm used to it. :)

Haha, I figured it was something like that. It's all good.

It's hilarious that Suzy posts on here now. Her pic as Chree has been a running joke for quite awhile now and she seems to be being a good sport about it all.

I mean, fuck, someone photoshoped her head as a bucket of chicken lol.
The Kentucky Grilled Creeken one is funny as hell but, it should actually say Kentucky Grilled Suzy, damnit all to hell.

Now we gotta find that picture of Chree that looks like Suzy, and post it every time she posts :)
That's just wrong :D

If I decide to stick around, I'll post an avatar that is the one I use most places. Considering the fact that I really know nothing about the rest of this forum, I'm enjoying this section at least.
May 14, 2009
Ok Chree, give up the act, everyone knows that's not you picture now you don't have to keep role playing.
Not Chree, get it through your skull. Do I have to post to my twitter that I am not Chree?

Hell, my twitter has already made it here. So, there you go. Over 300 posts all about my boring ass life as a woman with a husband, family, and kidney cancer, who just happens to shave her head once a year to raise money for childhood cancer research.
Jul 6, 2008
so chree always had a vagina, or did he get a sex change? or is suzy the one with the dick, and she is the one with the sex change???

tune in on the next geraldo. CMSO, chreepin my sphincter off, cuz at least they both have sphincters, but the rest is a mystery and i dont know, wha wha whooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Nov 2, 2002
haha who would have thought that SUZY of all people would eventually be posting on the siccness, and not only that, it seems like everyone thinks shes cool and not clowning on her.
the siccness, where miracles happen