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Cannabis Connoisseur
Jan 23, 2006
Rich City
nope, the north pole....but i don't live there anymore(thank god) i'm in concord now, it's hella boring but atleast i'm not into as much beef as i used to be
my pole goes north.....I mean.....I stay in the north pole......where'd you stay at?

come on... you got time for one drink...

hey suzy... taxman is just being shy... hit him on the private message and ask him out... I guarantee he'd love to hang out with you
lol @ siccness love connection with your host meta woollery
Feb 6, 2009
Let me try a more gentle approach...

Excuse me miss, it would be ever so delightful if you would reveal your breastasists to us, we'd all be quite appreciative if you would be so kind as to reveal those big succulent bountiful mounds of flesh to the entire community, thank you in advance...
haha i read that in mike tysons voice
May 15, 2009
you are a man.

thats why you wont post a pic.

either that or you look like buckwheat.

which is it?

prove me wrong :cheeky:
so if my name was mr. steve or ryan would you still wanna see my pic? i don't see any other dude askin' another dude for his pic on here...right? so answer me this what do i have to gain from it? what....praise or compliments?

i don't need either, so until you start askin' other guys for there pics i ain't puttin up sheeezy, and from what i understand some fool on here already got my myspace, i'm some old as white broad....happy?:lick::cool:

shea you the man!!!!