Chree wants you!

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Nov 20, 2005
welcome to the siccness suzy! good luck with the cancer and feel free to make fun of chree with the rest of us.

its all in good fun. make sure u search the term "backfrica".

May 14, 2009
Really? Does it have to be SF? Why not a Cowboys symbol? ;)
Shit, I am almost without words. Me being without words is a frightening thing as I never shut up. I feel sorry for that guy, that tattoo "artist" needs to have his fingers broken so he doesn't fuck anyone else's back up.

I hope he finds a good artist who could redo that tattoo and make it actually look like Africa. (it could be done with a great artist and some time.)

Is there a tattoo thread around here? I just got the half of my sleeve done in April.