Can Hawaii beat Georgia???

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Siccness Gray Hair
Apr 25, 2002
Auburn Wa
I went and watched Hawaii in person,and was very unimpressed.Brennan is cool,alot of his work is done in the short passing game,but the spread is at 8 1/2 in and my boy went 1000 dollars apiece,and took Georgia.When Hawaii was announced to play Georgia,I thought it would open anywhere from 16 to 18,and I was still gonna bet somethin.Am I trippin out thinkin that UG is gonna kill them?Hawaii is 1 dimensional unlike Boise St.,and even Washington physicall murdered them,we just have a god awful secondary,with a coach to match.Plus Georgia has been rollin...they can't fuck with that SEC speed can they?
May 17, 2004
actually after that first quarter where they killed themselves and were down 21-0 to washington, they did really good the rest of the game. and their defense isnt quite as bad as everyone says. tough being on the defense when your team scores in under 2 minutes half the time
Apr 5, 2005
I got Hawaii also! Even though their one dimensional Georgia has not faced a passing attacked this good all year. This will be a great game. Kudos to Hawaii if they win.

Hawaii's defense is suspect though. Georgia may control the clock with their running and run away with a W.

I'd rather watch USC vs GA. BCS fucked up once again. yeah yeah I know they are trying to continue the pac-10 vs big 10 tradtion, but GA is suppose to be in the Rose Bowl!
May 9, 2002
I picked Hawaii just for shit and giggles.

Gerogia is way overrated IMO, but they also have a physical secondary and may cayse problems for Bess & Co. Not to mention, Hawaii's front 5 can only hold a line for so long and them big ol' Southern boys are gonna give Colt all sorts of problems if he hangs in that pocket for more than 2 seconds.
Sep 26, 2005
WVU did.......... ok ok ok it was a couple years ago but but but........

Hopefully Hawii wins to shut up the SEC homers.
yea i want hawaii to win but i just dont think hawaiis offence will play all that good colt likes to wait in the pocket for a long time before he throws the ball and there runnin game isnt all that great just look at last game they had against washington hella fumbles their passing game is good though so well see