Brainwash Stockton

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Feb 21, 2011
Hey I know chances are slim but...I noticed brainwash from Stockton who put out the CD “skitsofrenic” ) posted some new cds on his site.. he made his first 4 cds into cds .. the wash gate tapes has 3 tapes

“Welcome to Stockton”
“Death around the corner”

I’ve never seen any of the actual cassettes for sale or on a blog spot or anything .. he also posted his first tape ever...

“Stockton 187” .. it’s from when he was 13 and there was a bunch of other kids from Stockton on the tape.. I’d just like to know if anyone has ever seen them for sale or anything like that?

I’d never seen the cover for Stockton 187, death around the corner or welcome to Stockton before he posted them on his site..

Some collectors must have seen them before or something .. let me know .. I’d also buy them but don’t think Anyone would have them..