bailey did his thing pre game of the 49ers game

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Apr 30, 2003
Bailey had over 55,000 people on their feet with that Who Got It Better Then Us song/performance it was pre game of the 49ers game he did wayyyyy better then Sean Kingston did at halftime. I know he was feeling it the stadium was rocking

Mr G

Drunk Pot-Head
Apr 4, 2007
Las Vegas
I was thinkin the same question bout the tony montana.. Looked like the actual dude n they kept puttin the cam on him...
As far as sean kingston it was funny cuz 1 he sucks and 2 they clearly caught him lip syncing on the cam like 3 times.. All the white people around me knew every word 2 baileys song and talking bout the giants song he did.. Thats cool 4 him.. Hope he capitalize off the steam..
Apr 5, 2008
Yeah they played Tony Montana every time they scored and even more times than that. The players looked like they were feelin it.. iono why they like that song.. still got Tony Montana dreams even in the NFL I guess lol

And yeah Sean Kingston was a flop lol poor dude got almost no crowd reaction and no cheers.

And I was also surprised how many white people knew the Bailey song haha. They knew the words to the verses too I was like WTF? I dont even know it lol