A-WAX and his BOY-TOY are having relationship problems

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Nov 18, 2010
Somebodys hella mad because they got called out for spending every weekend on here... lol ur a lame...
You have 111 posts in here, he has 4 you bummy faggot.

You keep talkin all that gang shit when no one cares and youre a dropout. Nobody from your ex-gang respects you, if they did you wouldnt have to front for people who dont give a fuck on here.

You're a bird, go jump out a window.


Feb 16, 2006
TA90011 @TA90011 aye foo wasip wit the gangsta talk in this thread but in a different thread U talk like this u a weirdo foo

Its not an opinion its a fact. Calling it a "culture" does not defer from the fact that the vast majority of that "99% of ppl" are mindless followers who are easily manipulated.

They don't spend more money on a pack of BackWoods than another brand because its a "culture"... Thats just an excuse.

Backwoods were around 5-10 years ago when EVERYONE in the bay smoked swishers, but only a fraction of smokers bought them.

Thats like trying to argue that ppl buy Nikes instead of Walmart knock-offs because they are all "sneaker heads".

That's how I been know you are trolling I just don't know which actual sicc member you are. I don't think you're respawn...I could be wrong tho. Who the fuck knows, I've never trolled the sicc on a fake user name I don't do that fake shit.